Here is the freq list for the Mid Michigan Ride

Channel Freq Offset PL/Tone Alphatag Linked
F1 442.350 Plus 107.2hertz EAST-UHF Fenton / W8FSM YES
F2 442.625 Plus 100hertz CENTRAL-UHF Durand / N8IES YES
F3 444.575 Plus 107.2hertz WEST-UHF Dansville / N8OBU YES
F4 443.000 Plus 107.2hertz WEST2-UHF Lansing / KD8IFI YES
F5 146.460 Simplex 100hertz VHF Simplex
F6 145.290 Minus 100hertz EAST-VHF Durand / N8IES
F7 145.390 Minux 100hertz WEST-VHF Okemos / WB8CQM
F8 442.900 Plus 77hertz East Lansing / W8MSU
F9 147.280 Plus 107.2hertz Lansing / KB8LCY YES
F10 144.390 Simplex APRS
F11 146.460 Simplex 293NAC P25 Simplex
F12 443.925 Plus 151.4hertz UHF-Blue Backup Portable Yes