APRS or Automatic Packet Reporting System is used on our event to help augment our voice com net.

In the net-control/route manger unit there is a tablet PC running APRSIS32 with street level mapping and route overlays. There is a VHF radio installed as well as internet connection to the APRS-IS stream.

Our medical units are now equipped with Argent Data Tracker3 boards with VHF radios and a Garmin NUVI 350.  This allows our medical units to have 2 way messaging and object routing right on there dashboards with out having to run a full computer.  Here is a short video showing how it works.

SAG and Supply units have now been equipped with the same Argent Data setups as the medical units.  We have replaced all byonics equipment in our fleet.

We also have tracking gear for staff/people. Using Insta-mapper apps on the staff devices.  Position data every 15 seconds to the insta-mapper server and using software I wrote to take that data and push it to aprs-is data stream every minute.  To provide one single overview of all units.

We also have small APRS trackers that we have installed onto VIP bikes to see where they are.